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Did you know that 93% of a customer’s buying decisions are influenced by vision?

No element of a brand’s identity has such a far-reaching implication on your brand’s success, than your brand’s logo. The colours, shapes and fonts your prospects see on your logo, determine whether they will convert or not. 

By investing in a qualified and experienced logo designers, you can ensure that your prospects convert each and every time. 

We at Paperdino, are one of the leading logo design services in Melbourne. We have over 8 years’ experience helping companies bring their brands to life through an aesthetic and meaningful logo. 

Feel free to contact us for more information about the services we offer. 

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A logo is impactful only when it is designed for the right audience.

At Paperdino, our team of qualified business logo design specialists have in-depth understanding of customer psychology. We work hand-in-hand with your brand, to get an in-depth sense of who your customers are, what drives them and how they take decisions. We evaluate multiple characteristics of your customers and prospects, before finalising the logo shape, colour and font. Doing so ensures that you have a 100% customised logo, which is in-tune with your prospect’s psyche.

Our professionals have worked with numerous industries from finance to fashion and we can design a beautiful and impactful logo just for your brand. We can provide your newly-designed logos in various formats, perfect for your: 

  • Website and social media accounts
  • Business card
  • Marketing documents & stationery
  • Product packaging
  • Business vehicles
  • Sign boards
  • Presentation templates

So go ahead and reach out to our logo design Melbourne services today. We can set-up an exploratory call with one of our top logo designers and you can learn all about our business logo design service.

How our custom logo design services works?

At Paperdino, we follow a very robust process to design customised logos for our clients. Our multi-step approach includes: 

Design brief development

Once you select the package of your choice, we get started with the design brief. We will allocate a dedicated account manager to your company, who will work with you to understand your bespoke logo design requirements.

Preparation of design concept

Combining the logo design elements of your choice with our own research into your target market’s decision making behaviour, we develop a set of design concepts.

Revisions to chosen design

Once you’ve chosen a logo design that you absolutely love, we can revise and change the design elements as often as you need.

Design finalisation & development

If you’re happy with the revisions and you’re thrilled with the outcome, you can go ahead and finalise the design. We email your new logo in different file formats, including - SVG, .png, .ai, .pdf, .jpg and transparent.

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